Becca Horn x Lovely.

I had been looking forward to shooting a fashion story in which I’d be able to include part of my personal work. So when we got the opportunity to shoot for Lovely, we booked a weekend at the Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahia Real in Fuerteventura and flew out there with Becca. Basically, we spent a couple of days there laughing, drinking champagne for breakfast, freezing at 6am in the middle of the desert, getting sunburnt at 12pm in the middle of the desert and basically just having an amazing time creating.

I had been asking myself how spending more time with the model –and thus developing a closer relationship- would impact the imagery (Venetia Scott mentions this several times during her interview on ShowStudio that I strongly recommend). And I guess I now know the answer.

Pablo Curto
Becca Horn
Becca Horn

Photography: Pablo Curto
Styling: Eva Barrallo
Hair and makeup: Joel Bittencourt at Ana Prado
Photo assistant: Adriana Roslin
Model: Becca Horn at UNO Models
Thanks: Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahia Real 5* GL