Walking with Bambi x L’Officiel Spain.

So, somehow, wine took us all the way to Australian VHS piracy disclaimers – what a wonderful starting point for this 70s tv show that didn’t air.

Shot in Fuerteventura, featuring legend Bambi Northwood-Blyth at IMG with cinematography and editing by Nauzet Gaspar. Styled by Berta Álvarez and featuring a small homage to one of my favorite photographs ever, Jose A Figueroa‘s Exilio.

Piracy and sharing encouraged.

Directed by Pablo Curto
Starring Bambi Northwood-Blyth at IMG
Produced by Bosalay and L’Officiel Spain
Director of Photography Nauzet Gaspar
Editing and Postproduction Nauzet Gaspar
Fashion Editor Berta Álvarez
Hair and Makeup Marina Alejandre at KASTEEL
Assistants Germán Gómez, Sandra Muñoz and Berta Meijide