Women’secret FW17.

There’s this restaurant I always go to with my family when there’s something to celebrate and, right outside, there’s a Women’secret store. When the whole ‘maybe I’ll quit my dayjob and take photography seriously’ thing happened, I remember my mom looking at the photos on the window display and being all like, ‘hey, you should call and shoot for them’. Needless to say it felt completely out of reach at that time. For years we walked past that window every once in a while and joked about seeing my work there. Haha, yeah, maybe someday.

So i’d like to thank Eugenia Juncosa at Them Management for making it happen – my mom’s officially proud of me. She’s walking into every WS store she sees to take selfies with my shots. It’s kind of weird, but she’s loving it.

Womensecret FW17 by Pablo Curto
Womensecret FW17 by Pablo Curto

Photography: Pablo Curto
Styling: Cristina Mocong
Set design: Gabriel Escamez at Cobalto
Hair and makeup: Sonia Peña at Kasteel
Model: Anna Katrine at View
Production: Them Management