AD x Zara Home.

I co-wrote and directed Dream, a really special project for AD and Zara Home. Together with art director Ana Camus we came up with a way to bring Zara Home‘s product into a story based around the dream concept -which was to be the first in a series of stories curated by AD featuring some of Spain’s new talents.

I loved working on this – the slow tempo, the Japanese lullaby… try playing it a few times before bed. It works.

Director: Pablo Curto
Styling: Pete Bermejo
Director of photography: Daniel Meré
Model: Carolina Ballesteros at UNO
Voice: Hikari Hashimoto
Produced by AD and Bosalay
Executive producer at Bosalay: Pablo Zorrilla
Hair and makeup: Raquel Álvarez
Color grading: Rodrigo Carrasco
Color graded at Bosalay
Camera assistant: Pablo Pascual
Production assistant: German Gomez