Alejandro Amenábar x Vanidad.

I shot the extremely talented Alejandro Amenábar (Regression, Ágora, Abre los Ojos) for Vanidad, October ’15.

We were on set when María Díaz, the editor, told me that there’s a sequence in Abre los Ojos -Vanilla Sky is a remake of this movie- in which the main character wakes up in an apparently deserted Gran Vía street in Madrid. Turns out, there’s actually a guy in the shot, peering out of one of the windows in a building on a side of the frame. This was unintentional and he’s being removed for the re-edition of the movie…  so I asked Alejandro to please, look out of a Gran Vía window for me.

Photography: Pablo Curto
Styling: Eva Barrallo
Hair and makeup: Carminia Albornoz
Model: Alejandro Amenábar