There’s this thing Goethe wrote x L’Officiel Spain.

Let us shut our eyes, let us open our ears and sharpen our sense of hearing. From the softest breath to the most savage noise, from the simplest tone to the most sublime harmony, from the fiercest cry of passion to the gentlest word of reason, it is nature alone that speaks, revealing its existence, energy, life, and circumstances, so that a blind man to whom the vast world of the visible is denied may seize hold of an infinite living realm through what he can hear.

Goethe SW I, 315

Pablo Curto
Pablo Curto
Pablo Curto
Pablo Curto

Director: Pablo Curto
Director of photography: Nauzet Gaspar
Models: Grace Anderson at VIEW and Joep van de Sande at REBEL
Produced by Pablo Curto, Bosalay and L’Officiel Spain
Executive producer at Bosalay: Pablo Zorrilla
Executive producer at L’Officiel: Adriana Suárez
Fashion editor: Carolina Badia
Fashion director at L’Officiel: Berta Álvarez
Hair and makeup: Marina Alejandre at Kasteel
Color grading: Rodrigo Carrasco
Color graded at Bosalay
Sound mix: The Lobby Studios
Production assistant: German Gomez
Styling assistants: Sandra Muñoz and Berta Meijide