Netflix El Baile.

I directed this short film for Netflix to be aired at the end of 2022 – we all really miss raving and, well, may fiction bring us closer when reality keeps us apart.

Probably the most fun I’ve had on set in a while, two days of non-stop dancing is pretty much as good as it gets. We also got to use Flying Free by Pont Aeri, which is an iconic song from our teenage years and an absolute hit. Featuring a cast over 50+ actors from several Netflix shows, definitely the most challenging project I’ve worked on (also totally worth it).

Featuring Martina Cariddi, Carla Díaz, Dora Postigo, Tommy Aguilera, Silma López, Julio P Fernández, Clara Galle, Fernando Valdivieso, Carlota Urdiales, Pol Monen, Wekaforé, Ivan Pellicer, Nadia de Santiago, Mireia Oriol and many more.

Director Pablo Curto
Production Sample
EP Mayca Marquez
DP Lucas Casanovas at Plan B 
AD Sonia Beltran, Dani Barrio, Aida Lopez, Claudio Navas
Producer Gema Ruiz
Porduction Manager Carlota G Velasco
Styling Ángela Esteban Librero
Art director Hako Industries
Choreographer Manuel Robot
HMU David López, Vicent Guijarro, Lucas Margarit, Raquel Álvarez Díaz, Miguel Ángel Tragacete, Mario Rubio, Yurema
Editor Askforcherrycola
Sound design Luis Ortega
Color grading Marti Somoza