One two three love five sex seven eight x Glamour Spain.

I directed this story of girl meets boy for Glamour Spain’s Saint Valentine’s special. Just another story of girl meets boy-that-dances-awkwardly.

Written by Sara Herranz and Pablo Curto
Starring Robert ‘Baby’ Semjonovs (Bro) and Gail Pelizzari (Blow)
Directed by Pablo Curto
Illustrations by Sara Herranz
Styling by Carolina Badía
Director of photography Nauzet Gaspar
1st AC Sergio Cotogno
2nd AC Dimitri Fraticelli
Hair and makeup Vanesa Suarez
Set design Alicia Mayor White and Covadonga Osset
Editing Nauzet Gaspar
Color Rodrigo Carrasco at Bosalay
Styling assistants Leticia Bedoya, Paola Barrachina, Sandra Muñoz and Carolina Dominguez
Music by Cruz Cafune
Flowers by Carlos de Troya
Special thanks Juan Bermudez at Warner