Ibiza x LOEWE.

Back in 2014 when I was shooting photographs of the sand formations in Fuerteventura, it never occurred to me that it would end up with me in Ibiza shooting on commission for LOEWE. It never occurred to me it was going to take me anywhere, actually.

And I guess that’s, precisely, what makes this such a special project – I feel it’s real and close to my heart, deeply connected to the place where I’ve spent my summers for over 25 years, to a project that I started with no particular agenda in mind.  Thank you to LOEWE and my fav creative directors Naranjo-Etxeberria for trusting me with this story.

So, here it is, LOEWE‘s Ibiza – a less familiar, perhaps even undiscovered facet of the iconic island, a travel guide available at the brand’s pop-up summer store in Ibiza.

Loewe's Ibiza
Ibiza for Loewe by Pablo Curto
Loewe in Ibiza by Pablo Curto
Atlantis in Ibiza by Pablo Curto
Ibiza x Loewe

Photography: Pablo Curto
Creative direction: Naranjo-Etxeberria
Client: LOEWE