Luna Bijl, Esther Cañadas and Joan Smalls x STRDVRS.

Had the opportunity to direct and interview the icons Esther Cañadas, Joan Smalls and Luna Bijl to ask them about, well, what’s iconic in their lives. Also ask them about pizza which is always very relevant.

Thank you to the team at Sample for being the best and the whole crew for all their work.

Directed by Pablo Curto
Produced by Sample 
Executive Producer Mayca Marquez  & Edu Lozano 
Creative Consulting Adriá Monje
Models: Esther Cañadas, Joan Smalls and Luna Bijl

DOP Nilo Zimmerman
1STAD Julieta Lasarte

Editor Thelma Torres
Postproduction Sinedie
Color Marc Morató @ Metropolitana
Sound Design Luis Ortega
Postproduction coordinator Max Palou

Producer Gema Ruiz
Head of Production Tamara Bucio
Production Coordinator Pablo Martínez

H&M Gato, Paco Poki, Rubén Marmol
Art director Laura Jáuregui & Toni Aragón
Props Gabriel Novak