Alba Galocha x El País Semanal.

When I was two years old my parents took me to Lanzarote to see if my extreme asthma would get better. It did – as soon as I got off the plane it disappeared. For the following years I would fly to the Canary Islands the day after school ended and returned the day before it started again. I still spend my summers there with my family.

This year marked César Manrique‘s 100th anniversary and I flew to Lanzarote with a bunch of my closest friends to shoot this story around some of his most iconic landmarks. I love the story and I think the opener is the most beautiful photograph I’ve ever taken.

This wouldn’t have happened without Mónica Calle Mollythproducer who produced this for me (thank you, thank you, thank you).

Featuring my fav Alba Galocha at UNO – styled by Carolina Badía, hair and makeup by Nacho Fernández. Assisted by Brian J Páez, Germán Gómez and Paula Garlina. Special thanks to Carmen Mañana for trusting me with this.

Photography: Pablo Curto
Styling: Carolina Badía
Model: Alba Galocha at UNO
Hair and makeup: Nacho Fernández
Photography assistants: Brian J Páez and Germán Gómez
Styling assistants: Paula Garlina
Production: Mollytheproducer