Elite S7 x Netflix.

I had sooooo much fun directing this. Mega grateful for the opportunity to create these worlds (gracias Marta, Celeste, Marie por otro dream commission). Thank you to all the amazing cast for putting up with the stunt action and to the wonderful team that made it all happen.

It’s interesting how when directing I feel less pressured to live up to any sort of idea of what I think my work should look like – it feels more open and free in a way (maybe because photography comes from such a deeply personal place for me? Who knows). Anyway, really excited to share this 🙂

Directed by Pablo Curto
Produced by Sample
Executive Producer Mayca Marquez
DOP Lucas Casanovas
1AD Sonia Beltrán
2AD Dani Barrio
Head of production Gema Ruiz
Production Coordinator Ana Buendía
Stylist: Raúl Madrid Manso
H&M: Lorena Berlanga, Marta Palermo, Arancha González, Rosalba Jara, Natalia Mendez, Carolina Mauri, Rebeca Domingo, Rebeca Rueda, Miriam Montecino
Art director: Eider Ibañez
Set builder: Raúl Mendoza
Edit: Askforcherrycola
Postproduction: Sauvage
Color: Marc Morato @ Metropolitana
Sound Design: Luis Ortega

Anitta, Carmen Arrufat, Ana Bokesa, Valentina Zenere, Omar Ayuso, Andre Lamoglia, Mirela Balic, Fernando Lindez, Gleb Adrosimov, Alvaro de Juana, Ander Puig, Alex Pastrana, Nadia Al Saidi